Video: Ferguson’s Cottage

Part 1:

David Dilgard, history specialist with the Everett Public Library and co-founder of its Northwest Room, first came across the name “E.C. Ferguson” in Norman Clark’s history of Everett, “Mill Town.” From then on, the name would come up frequently in old newspapers, several times in reference to Ferguson’s first house in Snohomish and David suspected that it may still be standing. If so, it would not only be the first structure built on the future site of Snohomish of milled lumber, but also one of the oldest in the state.

He found it and confirmed its authenticity in 1981.

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Part 2:

Rebecca Loveless purchased Ferguson’s Cottage around 1997 without knowing that it was the first residence of the future City of Snohomish.

The late Everett Olson showed me the structure just before Rebecca’s purchase and at first glance it had the look of a tear-down. The condition evidently did not deter Rebecca as she proceeded to add a new kitchen in the old storage room, along with a new roof, paint job for the original siding and has had no trouble renting the charming, up-to-date home since.

Following Rebecca’s account, we are treated to a tour inside the home by its current residents, Andrea and Kevin Springer with young son Bill in tow.

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NOTES: The Journal mentioned by David is a useful source on E.C. Ferguson’s founding of Snohomish and is available in your local library:“Adventures of Old Ferg” by David Dilgard, “Journal of Everett & Snohomish County History,” Number 2, Summer 1981 & Number 3, Winter 1982, Publish by the Everett Public Library, 1981.

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