We Ordered a Book!

karen and adrian

On October 20th, Karen wrote out and handed Adrian Lucia a $10,000 check payable to Lucia|Marquand, the company producing our art book.  Out donor’s generous contributions have been put to work!



Angels: Leah and Shaun McNatt • Mary Pat Connors and Janet Kusler • Penny and Gary Ferguson • Melinda and David Gladstone • Otto Greule • Denise Johns and Terry Thoren • Margaret and Randy Riddle • Joan and Mike Whitney. And Publishers: Ed and Margarita Anderson • Lya Badgley and Sasha Babic • Sara Blake • Robert Sarazin Blake • Diana Carver • Karen Charnell and Tom Tredway • Melody Clemans • Teresa Courtney • Karen Crowley and Tom Merrill • Fred Cruger • Michael Edwards • Nancy Finelli •  Cynthia First and Ron Dotzauer  •  Ed Garth • Susan Geib • Rachel and Serge Gregory • Lauren Guzak • Chad Alice Hagen • Cherie and Jim Hembree • Eric Lewis • Rebecca Loveless • Peter Moore • Mathew Naki • Chris Wakefield and Todd Nichols • Barb Rohe and Willie Dickerson • Nicole and Matt Robinson • Jackie and Ken Roelen • Regie and Frank Routman • Lynn and Alex Schilaty • Nan and Ross Scott • Lita Sheldon • Debbie and Chad Shue • Nora Terwilliger and Robert Noble • Ellen and Eric Vannice • JoanWilson. And Thanks to Attorney Emily Guildner for her in-kind contribution of stand-by legal advice.

Over $10,000 Raised!

Karen Guzak

Karen set a beautiful table for the “Let’s Publish a Book Party” on Sunday, September 25, 2016. Helping her was Publisher Chad Alice Hagen, and it all looked good enough to eat — and it was!

Warner read two excerpts from the manuscript and his brother Pete, sister Sara, and nephew Robert began the gathering with live music.

Publisher’s contributions combined with those of the Angels pushed our total beyond the $10,000 mark, meaning that we have the down payment in hand to begin production of the art book, J. S. White: Our First Architect.