Past Events

ABOVE: Angel Karen Guzak at the White Family Gravesite.

Two Day Birthday Party for J. S. White (July 13, 1845)
July 12 & 19, 2018 | 3-7p | Snohomish Farmers Market
Book signing of discounted copies & Birthday Party Surprizes!

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“Discovering the White Building Hidden in Plain Sight”
Presented April 14th at the Everett Public Library Auditorium; thanks to Lita for the image and to all who attended.

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Guided Walking Tour: J.S. White’s 19th-Century Snohomish Sunday, May 6, 12-1:30,
(Meet at the Uppercase Bookshop, 2nd & B, parking friendly)
Celebrate Historic Preservation Month with a ninety-minute guided walking tour beginning and ending at the Uppercase Bookshop. Visit the sites and hear the stories of White’s structures from 19th-century Snohomish as documented in our fine art book J.S. White: Our First Architect published by the People of Snohomish & Friends, 2017. Led by author Warner Blake, who likes to say: Walking, these days, is Reenacting History — and it’s Free!

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No room for a shot with the White House!

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At the Elwell House, owner Ms. Roberts treated us to cookies … Thanks!

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Many Thanks to Karen (pictured above) for taking the extra step of adding bark mulch, along with providing a small bouquet of flowers for the White Family Gravesite at Woodlawn Cemetery on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Delia White and her three daughters are buried here and we imagine the ashes of their father, John, who was cremated in Seattle. Follow this link to read the story I wrote in 2016 while researching the book.

Snohomish Stories has adopted the gravesite, purchases of our book help make it possible. Thanks~w.

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The after view thru the gate.

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