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Our fine art book, J. S. White: Our First Architect documents White’s surviving structures from 19th-century Snohomish with essays by local historian Warner Blake and color portraits by Seattle photographer Otto Greule. White left nothing behind except his buildings, so Warner combed through newspapers of the time to discover White’s story and identify his structures. Generously illustrated with over 60 historic photographs.

Produced by Seattle’s Lucia|Marquand and published by the People of Snohomish and Friends in 2017.

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Unsigned copies of our Fine Art Book are shrink wrapped and available at the following fine bookstores:
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Arcade Article

“Researching the history of the architecture in small towns like Snohomish is often an impossible task. Early cities and towns had little or no requirements for building permits, early architects’ records are typically nonexistent, and other information, if it exists, can be extremely difficult to dig up. Thus it is quite unusual that we have a new book that documents and illustrates the work of pioneer Snohomish architect and builder John S. White (1845–1920). Published in 2017, local historian Warner S. Blake’s book, J. S. White: Our First Architect; His Surviving Structures from 19th-Century Snohomish, is an illustrated guide (with photography by Otto Greule) that tells the story of White’s Snohomish career.”

Read the entire essay by Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, a professor in the Department of Architecture who currently serves as associate dean in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington; and who showered our project with many useful suggestions for which we are grateful, as well as for this essay.

Many More Reviews …


Two presentations are available for free for groups of any size:

Discovering the White Building Hidden in Plain Sight.
Warner created a power-point presentation to tell the story about White’s masterpiece structure, located at 924 First Street that he both built and owned, but was misidentified for over 40 years. It’s a feel-good story about a serendipitous research break that was selected for presentation at the 66th Pacific Northwest History Conference: “Hidden Histories, Diverse Publics” held in Spokane, October 12-14, 2017.

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otto greule
Photographer Otto Greule

“Making the Photographs” with Seattle Architectural Photographer Otto Greule. A fascinating, illustrated behind the scenes look at the photographer’s process both in the field and tips of post-production.

Contact Warner to book a presentation for your group’s holiday gathering.

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News & Stories

The Birth of Snohomish County

Today, January 14, marks the creation of Snohomish County in 1861, following deliberations by the Washington Territorial Legislature meeting in Olympia while — “the white flakes drifted down upon our wintery scene,” reported the local press and recounted in Margaret Riddle’s excellent essay posted online at Historylink.org. Margaret tells the story of the county’s birth …

St. Michael Catholic Church (1888-1986);
AngelArmsWorks Studio Est. 1993

Excerpts from the Journal of Father Tryphon F. Van DeWalle; (b.1896 Belgium – d.1948 Snohomish); Served as pastor from 1906 to 1947.     In August 1883 a movement was organized for the construction of Catholic church in Snohomish. A Protestant gentleman, Mr. E. C. Ferguson, first County Commissioner, first Justice of the Peace, and …