July 1, 1876. Local Items

Featured Image: Cathcart Opera House/Atheneum Hall being torn down. Photo by Picket, c. 1910

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The Northern Star, July 1, 1876, page 5
The Northern Star, July 1, 1876, page 5
Now image, First Street and Avenue D, 2021.

The inscription in the featured image above reads: “Built in 1876 by Issac Cathcart — Wholesale + Retail General Merchandise for Loggers + Settlers, Torn down in April 1910, by Wm. Cathcart for a new brick building on the sight (sic).” The image is signed “Picket” in black ink in the right-hand corner which we assume is Lee Picket, a resident of Index, WA where the family home was preserved and is used by the Index Historical Society — well worth a visit.

No record of the cornerstone has been found.

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