Calling Members of SHS 1942

June Gregory is certain she has found all of the members of Snohomish High graduating class of 1942, that are still among the living. “Our group is getting smaller every year,” she tells me, when I finally accept her invitation to join the 73rd Annual Reunion at Hill Park Picnic Shelter around noon on September 9th.

Of course, the class of 1942 has held reunions on the conventional schedule through the years, but 11 years ago, June, proposed to the dwindling numbers that they meet every year for a picnic lunch. “At first some still wanted go to a restaurant,” claims June, “but all seem to agree now that this is much less fuss.”

Five women and eight men of the class showed up this year, and just like high school, most of the men gathered at one end of the table and the women at the other. The group was joined by spouses, family members, even some who graduated in different years.

All were welcomed, including me with my movie camera.

. . . .

  • warnerblake

    (via email:)
    This was an enjoyable video of the classmates from 1942 of Snohomish High School at their reunion. Thank you for taking time to interview those who attended at time goes quickly by and one day this will be only a fond memory for others.

    Joni M Smith
    Everett, WA

  • Julie Larios

    Thank you for posting this. i am a graduate of SHS – Class of ’44. and my late husband John was part of the class of ’42. I remember many of these people. I live in Bellingham and would have enjoyed being there and sharing stories.

    Lorene (Peaches) Wagner Hofstrand

    • Thanks for your comment Julie Larios, it is a fun gathering.

      • Julie Larios

        It was actually a comment from my mom, Lorene (Peaches) Wagner Hofstrand, sent through my computer. Mom would sure love to see the people who were gathered there.