Season’s Greetings from 1895

This Christmas card, signed by the Lenfest family, is held in the archives of the Snohomish Historical Society, and it’s one of several cards left behind when the Blackman/Ford families sold their home at 118 Avenue B to the Society in 1969, which is now the Blackman House Museum.

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Three of Snohomish’s Leading Families: (first row) Norman Lenfest (1893-1978); (second row from left) Lucetta (Morgan) Ferguson, (1849-1907); Mary Trout Morgan (1829-1903); Hiram Morgan (1822-1906); E.C.Ferguson (1833-1911); third row, left) Sylvia (Ferguson) Lenfest (1869-1952); and Elmer Lenfest (1864-1938).

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